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Little smiles are our greatest joy!

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Welcome to our practice!

At Tiny Teeth of Tally, we are passionate about helping little ones enjoy healthy, happy smiles.

Dr. Astrid Gonzalez and her team are committed to helping children overcome tooth decay and other problems without pain, which is possible thanks to the use of general anesthesia. Our anesthesia services are provided by the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

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Accessible dentistry for kids

Sedation dentistry for children

We make dental care easy for parents and comfortable for children. Our office works with most insurances, including some Medicaid plans and Healthy Kids plans. Please call our office at (850) 792-9100 for the latest insurance information.

Let us take care of your child's teeth

Cavities happen! And if left untreated, they get worse. Our office offers hospital-based dentistry where children can have all their dental work completed under general anesthesia in one appointment.

Your child’s health is #1

Tear-free Dentistry

We gently treat painful problems like tooth decay. Dr. Astrid does not use a papoose, but a gentle touch and some laughing gas.

No Anxiety, Only Smiles

Our team makes dentistry fun and comfortable. Our patients love coming back!

Learning Experiences

We love talking about dental health and helping kids take the best care of their smiles.

Judgement-Free Care

Dr. Astrid provides high-quality gentle care with empathy and kindness.

Dental services for every child

Dental Sedation
for Kids with Cavities


& Cleanings

for Children

A dental care experience designed for your little one

Kids Trust Us

We explain things to them in ways they understand. Our office is full of colorful and playful details to help kids learn about oral health.

Comfortable Treatments

Our priority is getting your child out of pain with no tears. We’ve helped countless families improve their kids’ teeth in the easiest way possible.

We Welcome Curiosity

We love answering your questions! Education is the key to good dental health.

“The office is super cute and very kid-friendly. They are awesome with regular cleanings and even dental work! Would definitely recommend Tiny Teeth!”

Betsy J.

“I couldn’t imagine using anyone else for my child. Our child has a hard time sitting still, and they were beyond patient and understanding.”

Dale S.

“This was our 4-year-old’s first visit to the dentist and I couldn’t have pictured a better experience. She can’t wait to go back! Thank you!”

Diana C.

Give your child a healthy smile

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Our team is here to help your child get the dental care that they deserve so they can eat, sleep, and go to school without pain.


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