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Welcome to our practice!

At Tiny Teeth of Tally, we believe that going to the dentist should be an easy, enjoyable, and fun experience for kids (and their parents!)

We know that you may have many questions before your visit, and we are happy to answer them. Here, we tell you everything you need to know to prepare for your first appointment with us.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us at (850) 792-9100 — our team will be glad to answer all your questions!

1. Your Initial Consultation

Dr. Astrid will review your child’s medical history and examine their mouth to create a treatment plan that suits their needs.

2. Pre-OP Appointment

If your child is getting treatment under general anesthesia, you’ll meet with Mariane, our OR coordinator. Don’t forget to bring your medical insurance card!

3. Treatment

If your child is having surgery, you’ll see Dr. Astrid before and after the procedure to review the details of your child’s treatment.

4. Follow-Up Care

We’ll continue to work with you to prevent future cavities and see your child every 6 months for regular cleanings and exams.

Your child’s first appointment will include


1-hour consultation




Mouth examination


Teeth cleaning


Medical history review


Treatment plan

what to do before your tiny teeth of tally visit

Before Your Visit

Affordable dental services for kids

We like making dental care accessible for all families. That’s why we work with most dental insurance providers, including some Medicaid and Healthy Kids plans.

Insurance plans we work with...
  • Delta Dental
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Ameritas
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Principal
  • Guardian
  • Liberty Dental
  • MCNA

Our friendly front office staff will gladly take care of your insurance claims. We also offer different payment options such as cash, checks, and credit cards to accommodate your needs. Feel free to call us at (850) 792-9100 if you have any questions about your insurance benefits or payment options!

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“The best dental office ever! My daughter had an amazing experience. The staff was so kind and took their time and explained everything to her!”

Nicole H.

“Thank you Tiny Teeth for taking the time to explain the procedures performed in your office. It made the kids feel very comfortable. Amazing dentist!”

Aimee S.

“Both of my children love Dr. González, and that’s an amazing feeling to have as a parent. Also, the office is always clean and wonderfully decorated.”

Daviona M.

A dental office designed for your little one

Learn and Enjoy

Our office has been designed to make dental care fun. We love talking to our patients and taking the time to explain things to them in a simple and playful way.

Anxiety-Free Dental Care

We offer a variety of safe sedation options to help our little ones feel comfortable throughout their entire dental experience.

We Love Questions

Dr. Astrid will answer your questions with empathy and kindness, so you can feel confident that your children’s dental health is in the best hands.

We can help you and your child

Learn how to take care of your child’s smile

Enjoy a relaxed, fun, safe dental experience

Forget about cavities and pain

Give your child a healthy smile

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Our team is here to help your child get the dental care that they deserve so they can eat, sleep, and go to school without pain.

Answers to your questions

What will happen during my child’s initial consultation?

The purpose of the consultation is to examine your child in person and submit the necessary authorizations your insurance requires, so make sure to bring your medical insurance card.

During your appointment, Dr. Astrid will assess whether having your child’s dental decay treated under general anesthesia at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is the best option for your family.

Dr. Astrid will review your child’s medical history and examine their mouth. If you haven’t already sent us x-rays from a recent dental appointment, we’ll try to take them. Dr. Astrid may recommend a fluoride treatment after the examination.

How should I prepare my child for surgery?

Please make sure you and your child follow the following instructions:

  • Don’t eat before the surgery. Patients must not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before their procedure. Due to safety concerns, we won’t be able to treat your child if they don’t come fasting.
  • Bring a change of clothes. Bring an extra set of clothes for your child, just in case of an accident!
  • Be flexible. Often, we don’t know the exact treatment needs of a child until he or she is sedated, so be prepared for changes to the original treatment plan. This means your child may be seen sooner or later than expected.
  • Come healthy. If your child is sick on the day of the procedure or has congestion in the lungs or throat, let us know the day before. Come to your scheduled appointment so your child may be evaluated by the anesthesiologist, and be prepared for your child’s surgery to be rescheduled.
  • Brush very well. In the weeks leading up to your child’s surgery, make sure to take special care brushing their teeth, especially around the gum lines. Do an excellent job at removing the plaque the night before, but don’t brush your child’s teeth the morning of the procedure.
  • Bring toys. Bring toys or games to keep your child entertained while waiting for their procedure.
  • Be patient. Expect your visit to take between 4-5 hours.

What should I expect on the day of the surgery?

  • To be at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for several hours.
  • To speak to Dr. Astrid before and after the procedure.
  • To speak with the anesthesiologist before your child’s surgery.
  • To receive detailed written and verbal post-op instructions.
  • Your child’s mouth to be numb after their surgery.

What will happen during the surgery?

Once the patient is asleep, Dr. Astrid will take x-rays of their teeth. She will then complete the treatment.

What is recovery like?

Kids bounce back quickly. Most of them only require Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen after their procedure. We recommend soft foods for the first few days after surgery, especially their first few meals

Is sedation dentistry safe for my child?

We’ll review your child’s medical history at the time of the initial consultation to ensure we are proceeding with the safest option for your child.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept most insurances, including most Medicaid (liberty and MCNA) and Florida Healthy Kids plans. We take most PPO insurances, but not HMO dental plans. Cavity treatment is completely covered by Medicaid. If you have private insurance, our staff will assist you in determining your out-of-pocket expense.

Why Tiny Teeth of Tally?

Our care doesn’t stop at surgery. We will:

  • Continue to see your child every 6 months for their regular cleanings and exams
  • Continue to work with your family to help prevent future decay.

Are parents allowed in the room during the procedure?

No. Only pertinent dental/medical staff are allowed in the operating room in order to comply with various standards hospitals are held accountable for.

Does the parent or guardian need to remain at the surgery center for the procedure?

Yes. Parents should accompany their children both before and after the procedure. During the surgery, they will wait in the waiting area.


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